Selling November


While the market is cooling along with our weather, seeing 20-30 offers on one property may be a thing of the past.  The spring and summer months were emotionally exhausting for many buyers as they lost out on home after home to a competing bid.  It is still a seller’s market, which means there is less than 6 months of inventory.  

  • Expect to see multiple offers on the best properties- i.e. those which are properly prepped and priced well.

  • The process will be less tense.

  • Those buyers that lost out in the spring and summer are back in the market.

  • Home values are expected to continue to rise.

  • Rates will be creeping up, causing the buyers to want to act sooner rather than later.

  • Foreclosures will happen, but not at a rate of a “crash” or enough to bring housing prices down.

If you had any thoughts of selling in the spring, reply back.  This is the time to take exterior photos (before the snow!), get a game plan on any repairs and simple improvements that increase your value.  You want your home to be the best of the best so it will receive competing bids.

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