Friendsgiving is a great way to connect with friends and show them we are grateful for their friendship even if we don’t see them on a regular basis.

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Friendsgiving:

  • Potluck- Everyone brings something.  As the host, you are in charge of the turkey and drinks!  

  • What are the appropriate serving sizes?  Use these charts to find out how much is enough.

  • Decorations: Keep it simple!  Go- to decorations are a table runner, mini pumpkins and candles spaced on the table.  Grab a flower bouquet (stick with orange/yellow/fall shades) and divide it up among several vases or various sizes on the table and your serving counter.

  • Set the tone with music.  Get the guests in the mood with your favorite tunes playing on Alexa as they arrive.

  • Gratitude board- When guests arrive, have them write what they are grateful for this season on the board.  

  • Have guests BYOT- bring your own Tupperware.  With all that food, you will be sure to want to send some home!

  • Desserts- your guests may bring desserts, but be ready with the coffee and hot chocolate!

Try this Mocktail Recipe from This Vivacious Life!


  • Ginger beer
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Pomegranate arils
  • Lime
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Nutmeg
  • Agave syrup

Step 1: Fill your copper cups with large pieces of ice

Step 2: Pour 1 tbsp pomegranate juice and 6 oz. ginger beer or tonic water in each cup over ice

Step 3: Squeeze each cup with half lime and stir gently to combine

Step 4: Top with a dash of fresh ground nutmeg, cinnamon stick and drizzle of agave syrup if desired for more sweetness”

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